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Total Surrender Ministries is a team of Christian athletes called to preach the uncompromised Gospel. Through the most dynamic and amazing demonstrations of strength that you have ever seen, we work with your church to draw the unsaved of all ages through your doors. Hundreds of people who would otherwise never step foot into your church will flock in to see the show. As we have seen in countless meetings, you will witness the Holy Spirit save hundreds--even thousands--in your city, as these giant ment of God share their testimonies and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are called to serve your church and join with you, the local pastor, to see your city won for Christ and help your church grow!

School assemblies are always the highlight of our crusades! Under the name Extreme Power, our team travels across the country to deliver a positive message to today's youth. Through our demonstrations, we capture students' attention and earn their respect, allowing our message on hope, courage, and perseverance to resonate with them. By targeting the youth, these motivational programs not only impact thousands of students and schools, but also help to bring the communities together. During the daytime assemblies, Extreme Power invites students to the evening outreaches at host churches where we use bigger feats of strength, deliver our testimonies, and share the message of God's saving power through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Extreme Power is very flexible and can be used in numerous areas such as church events, youth events, sports program, church services, schools assemblies, festivals, FCA, community centers, VBS, community fairs, concerts, and we can customize any program to fit your event.

To learn more about our school assembly ministry please visit our school assembly website at www.teamextremepower.com.

Meet the Team

Greg Mead

Greg Mead is the president and founder of the Extreme Power school assembly organization. Growing up in extreme poverty and with a criminal for a father, he was not given much hope for a future until a motivator spoke hope into his life. Greg was challenged to live a life of excellence and to rise above his circumstances. He chose to be a leader. After serving our country in the United States Air Force, Greg became a successful bodybuilder and strength athlete, currently holding a world record. Greg’s goal is to reach as many young people as possible to speak the same message of hope into their lives.

Matthew Stout

Matthew Stout was a four-year varsity letterman for his high-school baseball and basketball teams. As a star pitcher with a .400 batting average, he led his Kourey League baseball team to their first National Championship. Matthew attended college at Southwest Missouri State University, where he pursued his football dream and went on to earn his degree in Wildlife Biology. Playing defensive end, he led his team in sacks. In his semi-pro tryout, Matthew ran a 4.6-40 yard dash. In competitions, he has lifted a combined total of over 2,000 lbs by bench pressing 500 lbs, deadlifting 800 lbs, and squatting 800 lbs. Matthew stands 6'0" tall at 350 lbs.

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