New Testimonial

Read this testimonial from our friends at Rikers Island:

I write this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the exhibition you performed for the New York City Department of Correction at the George Motchan Detention Center on Rikers Island.

Our institution is one of the largest detention facilities in the Nation with a maximum capacity in excess of 3,300. It houses inmates from lower classified, normally more docile to high classification, or more commonly referred to as “Super-Max” prisoners. As the Warden of this expansive facility, I am continuously challenged to find quality special events. We seek after those that our population can connect with that are positive or rehabilitative in nature. When Security Deputy Warden Edmund Duffy informed me that you were available to give an exhibition to our inmates, I was admittedly skeptical after hearing about the brick-breaking, steel bending antics. My Deputy, however, was persistent, describing you as more than just a martial artist or power lifter, but as a man of substance who would impact our inmate population. He eventually convinced me to permit the show.

On Saturday, January 6, 2007, we had a total of one hundred fifty-three inmates of all classifications assembled in our large gym area. I can honestly say that those in attendance, inclusive of my nearly twenty officers, were absolutely captivated by your performance and personal testimony. The testimony was not a glorious resume of personal and professional accomplishments, but the story of an abused, neglected boy who became an angry, rage filled man. Through the acceptance and intervention of a Christian neighbor, the transformation that then took place in your life was absolutely amazing!

It seemed as our inmates heard for the first time a message of hope and an opportunity for a second chance. The meeting was concluded with a prayer where each person in attendance was invited to join you. All of those in attendance seemed to accept this invitation as you informed them that God still had an awesome plan for their lives.

Should you be returning to the New York area in the future and find time in your schedule, please contact me. Thanks again to you and the other volunteers that made this one of the most talked about special events in years.

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