His Perspective, Not Yours

We’re washed by His blood from deep inside. You’re not a prisoner of your own life! Washed by blood is a brand new start–it’s time that He rebuild your heart!

Be reminded today that, as bad as it may seem, it could be worse. Life is all about perspective–don’t let things determine your happiness. We get so caught up in life, work, kids, etc. that we jump into the day running, and we finish the way that same way: jumping into bed with the regret of what didn’t get done.

Start the day in prayer. You can pray any place and time, just take time to give thanks to the Lord and allow Him to direct your steps. He will open the doors you need and shut the ones you don’t. Trust in Him! His ways are perfect and His path is narrow; follow close and allow Him to do His work. Remember this is the One who set the planets in orbit and aligned the stars. He can handle the world’s issues!

Go into all the world and be extreme!

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