Never Fear, Faith is Here

Matthew Barnett had a great tweet last night: “Faith is taking on something bigger than you, knowing God is bigger than it all.

Now, if we could only get that in our hearts, we would be unstoppable! However, we have an adversary who is a legalist and likes to play mind games. You gotta stop listening to him and being driven by fear, and start listening to your spirit; the same spirit that God gave you, and trust that God has your victories waiting for you.

More people have faith that their car (a mechanical object that can and will fail) will start each morning than they believe that God is going to supply all of their needs. They have more faith in the world, than in the Bible–God’s infallible truth to us and authoritative, living word. How sad is that?!

I truly understand people better merely by observing everyday life. People are driven by the lies they hear and the fear of the unknown. Worry is the #1 cause for Christians to be weak in their faith. Worry never produces results, but rather divides and subtracts from your life. Don’t let Satan divide you from the Lord anymore. Get into the Word and start praying daily. And I don’t mean a 5 min devotional–I mean some solid you-and-God time, and incorporate your spouse and children as well. This is the thing that keeps the family unified. DVR your favorite T.V. shows, put down the video games, and start giving God more of your time. This will STRENGTHEN your faith!

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