Protect the Heart

The human heart is a deep and beautiful thing. It can give love that is unconditional, compassion that is unmatched, hope, purpose, and destiny. Be careful of how you treat those that God has placed in your life, or you are fortunate enough to have come across, and instead of damaging someone’s heart out of selfishness, bless someone’s heart, bless their life, be a part of something good in their life, and help build them–inspire them to greatness. It is very easy to destroy someone’s life. It costs you nothing, but it may cost them everything. It takes courage to build someone, courage to believe in someone, and courage to be someone’s strength instead of their weakness. You choose many times how someone’s life will continue, from the point where you met them, onward. If they have allowed you into their life in any way, be part of the greatness in their life and choose to find the best in them–disregard the negative and help them build the positive. In this way, you will show unconditional love and you will help bring hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless, strength to those without strength, and direction to those that have none. Be the agent of change, be the change.

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