Back From Suicide

On October 12, 2018, a young man tried to end his life, but God had a different plan. You see, no matter how far you go or how alone you feel, God is always right […]

Not Invisible

Today is the perfect day to take a personal inventory. Look past your own life, and reach out and help someone in need. There’s a world full of people around you right now, hurting, lonely, […]

Protect the Heart

The human heart is a deep and beautiful thing. It can give love that is unconditional, compassion that is unmatched, hope, purpose, and destiny. Be careful of how you treat those that God has placed […]

Prison Breakthrough

Today, we spoke to 150 inmates that have one chance to avoid their prison sentence. These young men go through a 4-month boot camp which, at any time, they can opt out for the remainder […]

Faith of a Leader

The greatest history book of all time is filled with great leaders. It is also filled with leaders that were not great. In fact, they may be considered some of the worst! A great leader […]

100% is His

A sad statistic that I have been chewing on the last few months is that only 3% of the Church tithes in America. How can we the Church be blessed if we are so disobedient? […]

Never Fear, Faith is Here

Matthew Barnett had a great tweet last night: “Faith is taking on something bigger than you, knowing God is bigger than it all.” Now, if we could only get that in our hearts, we would […]

His Perspective, Not Yours

We’re washed by His blood from deep inside. You’re not a prisoner of your own life! Washed by blood is a brand new start–it’s time that He rebuild your heart! Be reminded today that, as […]

New Testimonial

Read this testimonial from our friends at Rikers Island: I write this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the exhibition you performed for the New York City Department of Correction at the George Motchan […]

A Changed Life

This message has been a long time coming, from me. You don’t know me from any other stranger on the street, but you have made a change in my life. Back in April, you came […]